Block Skater
Programmed by: Crailin Mogged
About The Game
Block Skater is sort of like the calculator game Block Man. It's a logic game in which you move and smash boxes in a certain way to achieve your goal. In the game you are playing a skateboarder who is looking for his cat. There are 8 levels which increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. Your objective is to pretty much break all of the boxes in each level.

How To Play
In a land far in the middle of Nowheres skates a young punk who is searching for his lost cat, Mittens. Since Nowheres is a very big place, the ambitious skater decided to increase his chances of finding Mittens by placing crates filled with catnip in various places. Now all he has to do is check all of the crates. Will Mittens ever be found?

If you want to lift or break a box, you have to be right next to it. You also have to be facing towards it. Click right in front of the skater to swing your board and break a box. Click on the skater to lift a box. Once you've picked the box up, you can move it to another location. Click the skater a second time to put it down.

You can also make the skater inch forward by clicking right under him. This is important to remember when, for example, you want to turn around on a block without falling off. You could, for example, click underneath him to inch forward, then click the block position above him to turn around and center him with that block position.

You need to enable javascript if it is not already enabled. Some browsers may not support this type of javascript and therefor you would need a browser which does in order to play.